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Class Rules
West Caldwell High School        Room 316        Mrs. Jameia (Jamie ) Branch
Honors & General Chemistry - End of Course Exam                
Honors Physical Science - End of Course Exam
Work phone 758-5583  ext. 125 Home phone 728-7303 call before 8:30 pm
I.  Behavioral Expectations:
Prompt to class and setting in assigned seat.
Prepared everyday for class with the following:
Text, calculator, notebook with loose leaf paper, mechanical pencil & an engaged mind
   If for any reason these materials are not present the student will receive an unexcused tardy to get them.
   It is imperative that you are mentally engaged with chemistry when you are in class.  A moment off subject will cost you in the area of course difficulty.
Required materials:
   1 box of kleenx
   one medium size loose leaf notebook
   loose leaf notebook paper
   calculator with scientific functions
   mechanical pencil
   NC charts and data materials (I will provide)
   Suggested but Optional Supplies:
   Dividers with tabs
*Quizzes every 1-2 days
Most announced \some unannounced                
Some open notebook \ most closed notebook
*Homework will be assigned daily.  It is due the following day.
*Daily class work is due when requested.
*Test most every chapter with some unit test.
Due to changes in content difficulty assignments may be more numerous between six weeks. I will always count test the highest percentage.
I reserve the right to changed percentages between six weeks to better reflect a student's progress.
***The state EOC will count at least 25% of the students' final grade***
Class absences
An absence slip is required as the student enters the classroom.  If I do not return the slip it will be on my desk please feel free to get it or ask for it.
Pick up a blank card from the back of the room.  Write your name the course and the date of the day you were absent on one side and give to me.  I will write down the assignments and return it to you.  Upon completion of the work staple the card to the assignment and turn in.
Sign in and out of class each time you leave/ return.
No hall passes will be given.  Please use your time between classes to use the restroom and go to your lockers.
   All assignments must have the students name, date, title, class, period.
   Assume all assignment will be used for a grade.
   Backpacks and other large items must be placed under your desk.
   No one will be academically penalized for any mistake I make. Please bring it to my attention respectfully.