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High School Hub

Amino Acids
List with formulas, 3D modeling link to specific acids, MIME types. Text, graphics (German and English)

Biographies of Famous Chemists
A collection of links, arranged alphabetically by the last name of each subject, that provides rapid access to information about famous chemists throughout history. Text, graphics

Chemist's Art Gallery
The gallery contains spectacular chemistry-related visualizations and animations. By the Visualization and Animation Laboratory at Finland's Center for Scientific Computing. Text and graphics

A colorful, well-designed site for the high school chemistry student. Includes "tricks" for remembering aspects of atomic structure.
Text, graphics

Chemical Compounds
Searchable index for names of chemical compounds.
Text (German and English)

From MIT, this site features just about everything you'd want to know about any element, including its abundance and how much it costs.
Text, graphics

Chemistry Central
Spells out the basics of chemistry.
Text, graphics
Main entrance to the site:
Basic Atomic Information:
Periodic Table of Elements Information:
Chemical Bonding Information:
Organic Chemistry Information:

Chemistry Experiments You Can Do At Home
The title gives it all away, really. Divided into sections on gases, reactions with oxygen, solutions, tests for substances, and miscellaneous experiments. Each experiment contains a list of materials, procedure, what to observe, and discussion; as well as warnings about proper handling of materials when needed.
Text, graphics

Chemistry Tutor
Addresses general chemistry topics. Designed by high school students for the ThinkQuest Web design competition. Text, graphics, photos
Contains animated GIF files of rotating molecules, lectures, reviews of AP Chemistry prep books, and more. Text, graphics, photos, animations

Basically, an online chemistry textbook that covers about 25 topics. Instructive and sometimes cleverly written. Text, graphics, photos

An online chemistry textbook. This award-winning site was designed by high school students for the Thinkquest educational Web design competition.
Text, graphics, VR

Conversion of Units / Umrechnung von Einheiten
Temperature, many other types of units. Calculates conversions for you. Text
(German & English)

Interactive Period Table of the Elements
This periodic table also has a sidebar which allows you to select many different types of tables, including tables showing melting point, date of discovery, crystal structure, and many more. Text, graphics

Kiwi Web: Chemistry and New Zealand
Provides extensive information on balancing chemical equations and basic principles of chemistry. Supports the information it presents with links to other web resources. Text, graphics

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Science in the News
Contains features about the latest developments in scientific research as presented by the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory. PDF versions of their journal are also available here. Text, graphics

Nobel Prize - Official Site
Learn about the work of chemists who were awarded the Nobel Prize. Excellent multimedia (required players downloadable via links included on this site). Text, graphics, photos, films, audio

Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Explains who was awarded the prize for chemistry from 1901 to the present day, with supplementary links to explain the reasons for each recipient's selection. Text, graphics, photos, JAVA

Periodic Table of Elements
WebElements is a periodic table database originally from the University of Sheffield, England. The site also includes an isotope pattern calculator and an element percentage calculator. Text, audio
If one site is busy, try the other:

Periodic Table of Elements
This comes from the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory. Includes information on how to use the table. There's also an interesting piece on the naming of new elements. Text, graphics

Plague War
An investigation into development and alleged deployment of biological weapons. Doesn't approach it from a scientific approach, but its topicality may be of interest to students of chemistry. Looks at the Soviet Anthrax leak of 1979, contains interviews with those behind American and Soviet/Russian weapons policy, and explores allegations that biological weapons were used in South Africa. By PBS's Frontline. Text, graphics

Scientific American Search Engine
Fantastic resource: type keywords into this search engine in order to locate articles on a desired topic from the Scientific American database. Scientific American also allows visitors to ask general questions of researchers through their "Ask an Expert" service. Text, graphics, photos
The search engine:
Ask an Expert:

Sciences Explorer: Chemistry Main Menu
Good collection of resources; includes experiments, a unit converter, and entertaining "random factoids." Text, graphics

Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
Fascinating collection of papers, from the 1600's to the present day. These papers are more than just collections of chemistry observations; they reflect the history of science and its interaction with culture, touching upon a myriad of issues. Text, graphics

Toxic Substances - FAQ
A series of summaries about hazardous substances being developed by the Division of Toxicology at the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). Provides info by chemical and includes the known health effects of exposure. Includes 3D modeling. Text, graphics
If your browser handles tables:
If your browser does not support tables:
For Public Health Statements/toxic substance (text search)

Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry
Thorough description of the use of chemistry in understanding how history is recorded in the Earth, in geologic processes, the environment; pollution and its prevention, plus the mapping of the chemistry of the Earth. By the U.S.Geological Survey, compiled by Joseph E. Taggart, Jr. Text, photos, diagrams

World Chemistry
Excellent collection of animations, 3D modeling, and more that effectively illustrate basic concepts in chemistry. Text, graphics, JAVA applets

Chemistry tutorial website reviews and links.

Chemistry Resources on the Web
   The Chemistry Place by Peregrine Publishers. This is a commercial site so we pay a fee to have access to their materials. An excellent resource for students. A large variety of lessons and activities. Try the "Visual Chemistry" lessons.
   Students: see me for the user ID and password
   Chemistry Teaching Resources by Knut Irgum, Umea University, Sweden
   Links for Chemists by the Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool
   Sheffield ChemDex by Mark Winter, Sheffield University, England
   WWW Virtual Library of Chemistry by Max Kopelevich, UCLA
   ~knecht/englisch/chemeng.htm"The HomePage for Chemists by Stefan Knecht, University of Dusseldorf, Germany
   The Virtual Chemistry Center by Jim Martindale
   Chemistry Resources by Audrey Sanderson